Best Blogroll is a WordPress plugin designed to share link juice to your blogroll partners more efficiently. I’m not a professional SEO, but most SEO’s agree that Google provides less value to site wide links than to a single do follow link. So I came up with an idea for a WordPress plugin to help remedy this issue and I’m releasing it for free here.

Best Blogroll Explained:

The default plugin setting is how the WordPress blogroll currently works. Every link is followed and most SEO’s agree these links are discounted by Google. The recommended option is to use Best Blogroll so that the rel=”nofollow” tag is on blogroll links for every page of the blog except the home page. This allows you to pass link juice from only the home page like I’ve shown below (recommended). There is another option that allows you to set the no follow tag to apply to all blogroll links on every page so that you don’t pass out any link juice via your blogroll links (greedy).

FYI: Using the no follow tag in a link means Google doesn’t pass any value “link juice” for the link

Free Download:

This plugin is available for free here simply right click and save as: Best Blogroll Plugin Download

Install Instructions:

1. Download the plugin file and upload it to your plugins directory within WordPress
2. Activate the plugin
3. Adjust the settings via the Links > NoFollow Settings section within your WordPress admin panel


I mentioned above that I came up with the idea of this plugin, but I am not a coder so I commissioned my good friends over at Website Design to create this for me. They’ve also graciously offered to provide a support forum should you find any bugs. I’ve already personally tested this on several of my own blogs without issue so I doubt you’ll have any problems.

Wrap Up:

I suggest you install this on your blog and share it with other bloggers that already link to you from a blogroll – that way you offer higher value links from your blog and receive higher value links from the blogs already linking to you! In any case, what do you think of “my” first WordPress plugin? If you found this plugin helpful feel free to retweet this article or link to this post on your blog. Enjoy!