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The third podcast episode is now live on iTunes. In this podcast episode I speak to Justin Hartzman of We Sell Your Site about selling websites and he sheds some light on the process of what it takes to sell a website for a huge sum of money. Justin was the website broker on the seven figure website deal on Deal of Day for our last guest on the podcast Joel Comm from episode 2.

I’m a huge fan of buying and selling websites as a way to make money online having sold one of my websites in a deal worth six figures in late 2010. I’m currently documenting the process I go through when I first buy a website on my blog using a live example which you can read about here. I met Justin when I was in Colorado as the buyers consultant for Deal Of Day and thought he’d be a great person to come on the show and shed some light on the higher end aspects of selling a website.

As I let you know on Wednesday, we’ve also partnered on a project to help teach others how to buy and sell websites through an online course we’ve created which you can find out more about at VirtualMoguls.com

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We Sell Your Site
All You Can Eat Internet
Deal Of Day
Flowers By Design
Virtual Moguls (Not aff link, for tracking purposes)

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