I’ve been working on this eBook and the full Niche Profit Course for the last 30 days and I’m happy to say that after many delays everything is done. If you are a member of my free newsletter or a Facebook fan you should be receiving a copy of my free eBook: Niche Profit Course Beginner’s Guide.

Niche Profit Course Beginner’s Guide:

The Niche Profit Course Beginner’s Guide outlines some of the core principles I’ve used to sell $938,913.43 worth of products from Amazon.com for a profit of $64,311.13 in the past 12 month’s. This is a good introduction to making money with Amazon.com and I wrote the guide to be completely free. If you want to learn some of the truly in depth tactics and strategies I created a paid training course as well. (You can get it for free here if you weren’t already a newsletter subscriber)

Full Niche Profit Course:

The full Niche Profit Course is available for $97 at an introductory price (it will go up) and it also comes with a free copy of Azon Theme – my Amazon.com optimized WordPress Theme that I paid close to $2,000 to develop – something that I will only offer for the first few sales of the course. So if you want to take advantage of the lower price and the great free bonus I urge you to order it now.

Niche Profit Course Outline

    Module 1: The Basics
    Module 2: How To Find A Good Niche
    Module 3: How To Set Up An Income Generating Blog
    Module 4: How To Write Content For Your Blog
    Module 5: How To Make Money
    Module 6: How To Build Links and Get Traffic
    Module 7: Live Mini Site Case Studies
    Module 8: Live Authority Site Case Study
    Module 9: More Live Website Case Studies
    Module 10: Niche Profit Course Wrap Up
    Bonus Module: Outsourcing
    Bonus Module: Buying Domain Names After Market

The modules added together total up to just over 3 hours of total video content all for only $97. The full Niche Profit Course is literally a step by step blueprint to how I build income generating blogs. I even do a video walk through of a few of my live legit income generating websites in some of the later modules which cover how I came up with the niche idea, how much the website makes etc.

I plan to raise the cost of the full Niche Profit Course and remove the Azon Theme as a free bonus after I reach a specific sales quota I had in mind. So if you’re ready to learn from someone that knows how to make a full time income by selling products from Amazon.com you should order the Niche Profit Course today

Click Here To Order the Niche Profit Course for $97

(Note: The Niche Profit Course is completely risk free with a 60 day money back guarantee.)

Thanks again for your patience and I’m sorry it took so long to release the free eBook. As I said before, I wanted to have the full Niche Profit Course complete first before releasing the free eBook. Everything literally took me a month to put together (writing the content, filming the various modules, editing the video, setting up the website etc.) I learned a ton about the process and I’m hoping that my true fans come out to show me some support today. ๐Ÿ˜€

Still Have Questions Before You Order?

Watch the sales video on NicheProfitCourse.com and then if you still have questions please ask them below and I’ll be happy to answer them for you in the comments below.

Update: I hadn’t even finished writing this blog post and the sales are already flying in from the email I sent out 10 minutes ago. Get in on the action before I increase the price / remove the free bonus!