Outsource Force is a video series put on by John Reese and is the lead up to his product launch offering more information on how to outsource. I don’t plan on buying his product because most of my money is tied up in various projects and to be honest I’m not sure if it’s even worth it for me. Regardless, this hasn’t stopping me from taking advantage of all the free information in his videos.

Here is what I learned about outsourcing from these videos:

1. Best way to build a business is with the help from employees: – Great example showing the difference between the Blue Man Group (they hire performers to do the shows for them) and Sigfried and Roy (they don’t hire performers and their business relies on just them to earn money). This is an obvious lesson but one that’s easy to overlook as a solo internet entrepreneur.
2. Hire workers full time: Freelancers earn money inconsistently due to the competition on sites like Elance and Odesk so it’s better to simply outright hire them on full time. This gives them a stable income and you get full time help at a lower price.
3. Avoid outsourcing firms: John mentioned a few horror stories using outsourcing firms and from my research I’ve found that you do have to spend more money if you go this route. So in this case I can see how hiring directly is the best option.
4. Where to find people to hire full time: OnlineJobs.ph, manila.craigslist.com.ph, ask good workers for referrals, hire family members, (Always go direct to the worker)
5. Pay workers via Paypal Mass Payment Feature: Only costs $1 and the receiver is not charged a fee
6. Treat workers well: Should be obvious, but your outsourced workers are people too so treat them well both financially and by challenging them with difficult yet rewarding tasks
7. Provide rough draft samples of what you want done use the Livescribe pen to easily share this info.

You can see all of his videos here and I believe his product launches tomorrow so I’m sure he’ll take down the videos after the program sells out so be sure to watch them for free while you still can. I found the second video “Instant Leverage” to provide the most value for me so if you have time to watch only one I think that video is the best.

I’ve decided to hire someone full time:

I’ve written about outsourcing in the past when it comes to content creation, but I’ve decided to take the leap and implement the free lessons I’ve learned to hire someone full time to help with my business. One of the things I’ve been working on is the niche five figure network which is my attempt to build a network of smaller websites that all together earn five figures a month. I’ve been covering this as a case study, but I’ve decided most of the niche sites I’m building aren’t that hard to create and so I should be spending my time on opportunities with a larger income potential instead of working on mini websites. So I plan to open up a new HostGator account and hire on someone that literally does everything for me (just to be safe I decided a separate hosting account is worth it).

I really do think outsourcing is something I’ve waited way too long to get into and I hope my first hire works out well. I may hire someone just part time so in that case feel free to contact me if you’re interested in splitting the cost on a full time worker.

What do you think about outsourcing? Are you doing it now? If so what challenges have you faced?

Update: Last video is live and the product goes on sale tomorrow May 11th at 1:00 PM PST for those that are interested. Be sure to watch the videos before then if you want to check out the free content.

Disclaimer: If you do decide to buy the OutSource Force product I will be compensated if you do so by clicking through the links above. With that said, I think you can get a ton of free info by simply watching the videos instead like I’ve done and applying the lessons learned to your business.