The purpose of this post is to show you that it’s possible to make money selling anything online. If that wasn’t already made obvious by one of my podcast guests from last year selling worms then I can give you another example from my own personal experience.

How I Made Over $10,000 Teaching People How To Play Halo

Yes, that’s right – I just tallied up the numbers and I’ve made over $10,000 teaching people how to play Halo. I’ve written before about how Halo is a large part of how I was able to build an online business in the first place, but I wanted to share an update on my income stats for Halo.

$3,000+ via Paypal From Halo 1 On 1 Lessons

When I first started making money online I was running video game forums. After getting up to 500,000 page views per month on my top forum and only hitting $500 a month with Adsense I knew I had to reevaluate how I could make some extra income from my online endeavors if I wanted to leave my job. One of the ideas I had was to try leverage the fact that I was well known in the Halo space and genuinely really good at the game (still am). So I decided to start selling Halo lessons at $50 an hour. At the time I was still working a day job that paid me a lot less than $50 an hour so I thought it would be a good way to generate some extra income. The strategy worked pretty well and for about a year I was making some decent extra money for the amount of “work” I had to put in playing Halo. The only problem is that because I was working by the hour for the money Halo started to feel like a job and so I grew tired of it stopped doing lessons. So I decided that when the next Halo game came out (Halo Reach) that I would create a video training course and put everything I knew about Halo into these videos instead of doing one on one lessons.

$7,000 From Clickbank BecomeAProGamer Sales

After closing down my lessons I simply filmed videos of myself playing the new Halo game with my friends (just the screen of course) put together the product, put it up on Clickbank and did some minor affiliate emails. Since that time I’ve generated $7,000 passively from sales of my Halo training course:

Income dip in 2012 now that Halo Reach is old. Halo 4 is due out in November 2012 though.

The actual creation process of the product was relatively easy and I documented that in more detail here. Half the reason why I created this course was to prove that you can pretty much make money doing anything online so I could write about it on this blog. If you weren’t already familiar with my story then I bet you didn’t know that people would be willing to pay $50 for a one hour lesson on Halo or that hundreds more people would be willing to pay for a video training course on how to get better at Halo.

Realistically I’d probably have been able to sell even more of my training course had Halo not taken a dive in popularity following the release of the Call of Duty games, but things should pick up again when Halo 4 comes out. I haven’t decided if it’s worth it to film a new update to the training course for the game because I’m making even more money from my main business than I was when I filmed the videos. Overall I’ve really put very little time into this project and at least from Clickbank earned over $7,000 in passive income from it that’s not too bad.

Overall – Have You Thought Of Creating An Info Product?

This mini case study just goes to show that the field outside of internet marketing is pretty wide open especially if you were focused on just one niche. Remember, I created this product in my spare time (when I’m not running my main business) and after setting up the sales page never updated it again. I didn’t even contact affiliates until I had one affiliate who sent me a noticeable amount of sales. In fact, I know a lot more money is made than “just $7,000” in the video game training niche because I’ve spoken with some of the other product creators AND that’s just one niche.

Have you thought of creating an information product before?