My first Kindle book is now out and available for download. I released this book because I wanted to summarize my thoughts about successful Amazon affiliate marketing based on my own experiences and to put all of my experiences into one location. This book is targeted towards beginner to intermediate level people interested in making money with Amazon.

Download How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate Here:

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The book title was a test of Amazon’s search engine to see if it can drive additional sales, but it’s also very descriptive to what the book is about.

Want to know how to write a book for Kindle?

I’ll be publishing a detailed blog post about the Kindle book publishing process later this month so be sure to subscribe or follow me on Twitter to read it when it’s published.

I made several mistakes during this process that cost me a lot of time and although I don’t expect to be making $35,000 per month off my Kindle books, I have learned a few things that you can help you out.