Black Friday is upon us and as most people get ready to brave shopping malls or sit around to complete a four day vacation I’m busy putting in a few more hours than usual at my computer trying to market the Black Friday deals to my various websites. I still make good money from Amazon but it’s lower than before I sold one of my best earning sites in a deal worth six figures but despite that income stream loss here are my earnings for the first two days of Black Friday deals week:

1. Keep Track Of All Holiday Shopping Time Periods

I love Amazon for well over 90,000 reasons now, but what I love most about them is their ability to literally create trends that all other online retailers follow. Here are the major shopping periods for Amazon in the month of November that you need to keep track of:

A. Countdown To Black Friday Deals Week (already happened last week)
B. Black Friday Deals Week (going on right now until Sunday)
C. Cyber Monday (Monday November 28th)
D. Cyber Week (Tuesday November 29th through the end of the week)

If you don’t know when these shopping time periods are going on you won’t be able to take advantage of each shopping time period.

2. Heavily Promote The Shopping Periods

Promotion should come in several different ways. Here is how I maximize income from my website properties during Black Friday deals week:

A. Write Your Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Article Titles For SEO

Depending on the size and competition of your niche it’s entirely possible for you to be able to rank for “RC Helicopter Black Friday Deals” and your website might look something like There are hundreds to thousands of people that will search in that manner (“Keyword Black Friday Deals”) for tens of thousands of products and niches.

B. Drive Traffic To Your Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Article

The best way I’ve found to drive a ton of traffic to my holiday sales articles is via my email lists. I run email lists for every single website that gets a minimum of a few hundred unique visitors a day. If it’s a product review website I might give away a buyers guide or a pdf on the top 10 products or brands related to that niche to get them to sign up. In most niches outside the internet marketing blogs you might read visitors are for more likely to sign up for an email list for something free than they are on a blog that talks about how to make money online.

C. Actually Write About The Best Deals

This sounds obvious, but if you don’t put in the effort to actually share the best deals you’ve found on Amazon and other retailers then you’ll have a very low conversion rate. Part of the reason why in the past I’ve been able to break $1,000+ dollar days with my Amazon earnings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is because I save my various niche blog readers and email subscribers time by finding them the best deals and simply telling them what they should buy because I spent the time to find them.

Overall Suggestions:

If you haven’t written a Black Friday deals post for your various niche websites then I hope this blog post serves as a reminder to get one out immediately and cash in on the holiday shopping period when EVERYONE is receptive of seeing good deals. I’m shooting for another $1,000+ day with my websites and if the last two years are any indication I should break that mark again.

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