Quick Request: I’m working on a software project and I need at least 1 beta tester currently living in each one of these countries:

Canada Claimed by Jeremy via email
China Claimed by Feng via email
France Claimed by Yoav via email
Germany Claimed by Jörn via email
Italy Claimed by Sandro via email
Japan Claimed by Todd via email
United Kingdom Claimed by Richard in the comments

Update: We should have all the testers we need, thanks for all your help and I’m eager to show off this software soon!

I’ll need less than 1 hour of your time to test the software and all testers will receive the final software for free. Contact me here, on Twitter or respond in the comments below that you’re interested and which country you’re located in.

Upcoming: I want to explain what I’ve been up to during the first part of this year and how I’ve been building my online business in new ways for 2011.