Living in America (or any “first world” nation for that matter) puts you in a better position than literally billions of people. Yes there are some people having a rough time here in the states, but I’m sure nothing sucks more than not being able to drink clean water. I know that the success I’ve had with my own business has come from the advantages I’ve been provided by the place I grew up in, the support of my friends and family members and anytime I think that life is sucking I try to remember what life is like for a huge chunk of earth’s population. I’m not perfect by any means nor am I making any suggestion that I am by starting this campaign to raise money for Charity Water. Nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water and $5,000 can help 250 people get access to clean water.

Donate Money And Get Something I Make For A Discount At The Same Time

Get One Hour Of Consulting For $150 Donation Here

One Hour Of Consulting: Regularly $197

I’ve been doing consulting through this blog for a while now and while my typical consulting clients are earning several thousand dollars a month and already running full time online businesses, I’ve also helped out some beginners as well. If you donate $150 it’s a great way to give people some clean water and I can help you out with some issues you might be having with your business as well.

Get Niche Profit Course And EasyAzon For $100 Donation Here

Niche Profit Course: Regularly $97

In depth video based training course showing you how I’ve made $90k+ in commissions from Amazon’s affiliate program. When you donate $97 to my Charity Water campaign send me an email with you

EasyAzon: Regularly $47

WordPress plugin used by hundreds of marketers to help them make Amazon affiliate links faster and easier on their WordPress blogs. You can also quickly create Amazon affiliate link images as well.

Get My Soon-To-Be-Released Viral Email List Building WordPress Plugin For $25 Donation here

I’m releasing a viral email list building WordPress plugin later this year. It’s pretty dang awesome and although I won’t be listing it for sale until later this year the software is complete and you can get it now for only $25 donation.

Fourth Option – Just Donate Whatever

Feel free to donate any amount you feel comfortable giving.

Why Am I Offering An Incentive To Donate?

I’m not offering products that I sell at discounted “prices” because I believe you need a reason to give, but perhaps you’ve already donated money recently and with the holidays coming up your budget is stretched. I simply want to help provide an additional incentive for you to give right now and I really want to make sure we can hit the $5,000 goal before the end of the year and these additional incentives are one way I thought it could help.

Do Not Send Me Money

Please donate money directly to my Charity Water birthday campaign page here (don’t send me money). If you’d like one of the above items, simply make a donation (can be made anonymously) and forward the donation email to chris [at] and I’ll make sure you get set up. Because I am not handling any money your donation is also tax deductible as well (double bonus – boo yah!)

Funny Halo Birthday Story

Ten years ago yesterday I had my birthday one day early and my friends from high school came over to play the very first Halo game for the first Xbox on November 15th 2001. Ten years later I would have never guessed that day would be the catalyst that pushed me toward my building my first website (a forum) and earning my first dollar online. Now today just over ten years later, I’m playing the remake of the original Halo (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary) with a few friends who are going to come over and hang out (funny how things work out). Read my whole Halo story of how that happened here.