You can earn $65 for each sale through Amazon Wireless, but because this is a brand new website you may have a few questions. See this description courtesy the email I was sent:

Update 6/2/2010 1:10 PM: I heard back from my contact at Amazon see answers to some questions below

What is Amazon Wireless?

AmazonWireless ( is a new website by that offers cell phones and wireless plans, easy shopping without rebate hassles, and FREE two-day shipping.

AmazonWireless makes it easy for customers to upgrade their phone if they already have a plan, or if they want to establish new cell phone service, has tried to make it simple to find the right phone, service plan, and options.

Customers can shop for phones by carrier, phone feature, price, color, and brand. The site’s shopping cart will guide them through each stage of the purchase process, where they’ll find familiar Amazon features like bestseller lists, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews.” via email

What does this mean to you?

If you own a website that is focused in any way around cell phones you should be writing about this new website and making money (it’s all about being first with the news to your readers). From what I can tell this site is pretty cool (like almost everything Amazon does) and from now until August 31st 2010 you can earn $65 per unit sold. You build the links just like any other product on Amazon or if you just want to let your readers know about the main URL you can post a link like this: (replace your tracking ID for mine)

Get on this now if you have a niche mobile website as you should be able to make some decent money promoting the new service. I had a few questions about the service and have emailed my contact at Amazon to see what she has to say and they are as follows:

1. What is the payout after August 31st 2010? I know it’s $65 until then but does it drop or completely go away?
A: “This has not been announced but will be addressed after August 31st”
2. Will you update the website to include the easy to use Amazon Site Stripe bar?
A: Still in beta phase and site stripe option has not yet become an option. When it does it will be listed on the Associates blog or on the Associates Central homepage.
3. Is the tracking cookie still 24 hours or is it longer?
A: Yes, 24 hours cookie after the initial click through from your site, and 90 days after an item is added to the cart.

The email doesn’t answer these (the most important being what happens after August 31st), but I’ll update this post when I hear back.

Feel free to check out my tips on how to make more money with Amazon Associates if you’re still struggling to make money with them. Later this week I’ll be posting my income report from May so be sure to stick around for more tips on how to make money on the internet.