11/28 Update: HostGator is doing the 50% off deal for 24 hours on Cyber Monday only. I don’t expect them to run this sale until next year so don’t miss out. Check out the HostGator Cyber Monday deal here.

Hey everyone, I hope you all ate a bunch of Turkey yesterday and had some fun hanging out with the family. Today it’s back to business as Black Friday is upon us and there are deals being posted online that I just had to share. Host Gator (one of the hosting companies I use) is having an insane hosting deal that I’ve never seen them do before with everything they sell for half off.

If you’re just getting started building your online business the one thing you absolutely need if you want to build an online business is web hosting. I use Host Gator for several of my smaller niche websites because they offer 1 click install of WordPress which helps me save some time.

I highly recommend you go pick up a hosting account from HostGator if you don’t have hosting yet or even if you just need an extra server to work with (like how I’m using them):

Check out the HostGator Black Friday deal

Already Have Hosting? Read On For Some Advice On How To Make Money On Black Friday And Cyber Monday:

I hadn’t planned on publishing any info about sales on this blog but the HostGator deal really is good if you’re just getting started. Now if you have hosting already I highly suggest you take advantage of the Black Friday + Cyber Monday holiday shopping sales ASAP. At the very least you should promote the Black Friday sales page on Amazon.com which you can check out here.

I’m actually really excited for the sales they’re sharing today because not only do I expect to make several hundred dollars from promoting products on Amazon.com today by sharing deals on my network of websites, but also because I think Amazon may be offering the Kinect on sale at 12:15 PM PST:

(Yes I’m a gaming nerd just read my story on how Halo helped me build a six figure a year online business, so you can bet if the Kinect shows up on sale I’m jumping on that deal. :D)

Head on over to Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Page now

Looking for more ways to make money with Amazon today? I wrote a guest post the other day for Pat Flynn that has some great tips that you should check out: How you can make money from shoppers right now

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