My New Product Launching Dec 5th at 8:00 AM PST:

As an Amazon affiliate I’ve sold thousands of products and for years have tracked my results from links clicked and where people buy. I discovered that the links people clicked the most that resulted in the most sales were from in content simple text based affiliate links followed by image based affiliate links.

So that’s precisely the focus of my new software Simple Azon.

Simple Azon allows you to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress dashboard in the form of text and image based affiliate links for use inside the content area of your blog. Additionally if you rely on VA’s or other content writers this is a huge help because you can tell them to just use the search box that’s created below the post area when they’re creating affiliate links in the content of your blog.

The problems this software solves alone are easily worth more than the $10 use it on all of your websites price we’re offering it for. But I wanted to do something really unique this time around…

Bonus: Complete Resell + Rebrand Rights Included For Free

Inside the members area there is a complete rebranding tool so that you can simply go in and change the name of the plugin, the site URL, author URL and description and then download your completely rebranded plugin. You can then take that plugin and resell it for whatever you want and keep 100% of the commissions. To make it easier for you to sell we’re including a marketing tool kit complete with source files for banner ads, a sales page and promotional articles about the software that you can easily edit.

Watch Video Demo Of SimpleAzon + Rebrander Here
(Product is now live)

Why Am I Selling For Less Than $10?

Late last year I started to dip my toes into creating and selling software based on pain points I wanted to solve in my own business. Since then it’s been a profitable new pillar of my business in 2012 and I wanted to give everyone else an inexpensive way to try out this software business model as well.

In addition to Simple Azon we have a couple optional upgrades that are made available after you purchase Simple Azon as well that are incredibly valuable as well.

I hope you can see the value in this software both in it’s utility for use on your websites as well as the ability to completely rebrand the software and resell it for whatever price you’d like.

Watch Video Demo Of SimpleAzon + Rebrander Here
(Product is now live)