I’ve been using Action Popup on this blog and several others for the past few months. Basically it’s a pop up plugin that allows you to display a lightbox for a newsletter service like the one I like to use – Aweber. However, I just got an email from my friend Michael over at IncomeDiary.com about his new product PopUp Domination and he sent me a review copy to check it out. I can cut to the chase right now and tell you that I made the switch to Popup Domination, but I want to tell you the main reason why I love this product (and why I wish I would have thought of making it myself):

Why I Love Popup Domination – Simplicity and Style:

The best part about this plugin is that it really does only takes a couple minutes to set up because you don’t have to create your own code (it took me about 3 – 4 hours to code and test my custom pop up within Action Popup’s plugin settings). When I switched over to Popup Domination it took 5 minutes. You simply pick one of 7 templates and then you select a color schemes and then pick additional settings. Here is a screen shot of the style I set up in a few minutes:

It’s so easy to set up a great looking pop up form and fills a need that has been hiding in plain sight I really wish I would have thought to design a product like his because I’m sure he’s going to sell a ton of these plugins.

Why Pay For An Email Opt In Pop Up Plugin?

I love Aweber for a lot of things, but one thing I don’t love about their service is their drop dead atrocious looking pop up templates – they are hideous. Yes you can use their template system to build a pop up for free, but it’s humorous to me that Aweber hasn’t done something like what Popup Domination can do especially when you look at just how huge of a company they are. Being an email marketing company you think they’d have people that actually knew what type of forms worked best at getting visitors to sign up for a newsletter and know their in house forms are terrible right? Well, they haven’t figured it out yet and before I continue on another rant, I wanted to show you why I switched away from Action Popup via this video comparison between the two plugins so you can see a better look at each one before you make a decision.

Popup Domination vs Action Popup Video Comparison:

Popup Domination Limited Time Offer $47:

Be sure to buy the plugin today if you want it because in less than a week the price will go up to $77:

Download Popup Domination Here

Update: Robert Plank (the creator of Action Popup) pointed out to me that I’m not using the latest version of Action Popup which now supports templates as well. It also comes with a plugin called Action Comments which I use on this blog to easily sign people up for my newsletter. With the new information I think they’re both pretty dang good now. I just need to go look at the other templates to see how they look.

Download Action Popup Here

Note: I’ll be sharing more of my own results from how well it converts on this blog and several other blogs I run in a future follow up post, but based on the results I’ve heard from some other top well known internet marketers I think it should do really well.