The Problem: Most blogs in this niche are written by people attracted to the idea of making money on the internet, but their thoughts never expand beyond the initial idea to untapped markets and niches. Instead, they stick to the topic where they first heard about the concept of making money online – a make money on the internet blog. So they go out by a domain name, get a hosting account, install WordPress and start writing about making money on the internet. They talk about ways to make money online, they guest blog, they comment on every blog, they post income reports, they talk about WordPress plugins that help them make money, they push the Thesis WordPress theme and just about any other product that has a decent affiliate program. But no where along this timeline of tragedy do they stop to think about the market they’re serving. Although the market is ever growing of more and more people just like them it’s also not very profitable unless you’re among the top names in the industry (a feat late comers will rarely – if ever – accomplish). Worse still the information they share is often times a collection of regurgitated crap that occasionally does more harm than good.

This is what I propose…

The Solution: I’m convinced that every person has a subject or passion they truly care for and know a lot about. I’m also convinced that 99.999% of the bloggers writing about making money on the internet don’t truly have the collection of these traits in this subject matter (passion and true knowledge) so I propose that you do yourself a favor and quit or sell your blog. Odds are no one will buy it because it’s full of useless information but with the time you can reclaim by quitting the blog you’ll be thanking me later. What I suggest you do with the new found free time is to develop websites or blogs in markets and niches that you already have knowledge about and passion for. If it happens to be a niche that isn’t very competitive than that’s all the better. The point I’m trying to get across here is that I was the guy 2 years ago doing all the stupid things I listed above. It wasn’t until I quit my blog and moved into other niches that I started earning several thousand dollars a month. The only reason why I came back to this niche is because I really enjoy the topic, I have a lot of ideas to share now that I earn thousands of dollars a month on the internet and because it directly relates to what I already do for a living.

Wrap Up:

If you are part of the problem like I outline above than I urge you to go out and explore other topics on the web. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll find and hopefully you’ll start earning thousands of dollars a month like I did. If as a result of reading this post you do decide to go out and start websites in other topics and you eventually do achieve financial success I’d love to hear about it. If only one person abandons their pointless make money online blog and goes on to earn substantial money from another niche than I’ve done my job.

What do you think? Am I a jerk for calling people out like this? Do you think I’m a hypocrite because I’m criticizing people that write about a topic I cover on this blog? Whatever the case may be I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.