After announcing my shift in strategy towards higher quality authority style websites in the last podcast I posted, I’ve considered selling off a few dozen of my websites as well.

What Would I Be Selling?

1. Unfinished niche websites

These are basically where I did the keyword research, bought the domain name, had some content created and may or may not have started some limited link building (assume no earnings)

Probably just $100 each for these (to recoup costs basically)

Some of these I’ve paid $250 – $500 for the domains but just got too busy with other projects to really pursue them. In these cases I’d likely just try to sell for the price I bought the domain names for.

2. Income generating niche websites

These are smaller websites that are complete. They’ve had content created for them and have generated money in 2012.

I would likely sell these based on an income multiple of between 12x to 24x monthly earnings (I’d need to do some more searching to see what multiples these types of sites are selling for)

Again in this case some of these sites are sitting on more premium style domain names as well in the $250 – $500 range so that would likely be factored into the price as well.

3. Income generating authority style websites

I’m really trying to focus only on projects that are generating at least $1,000 per month or more. Frankly even my case study website Copy Cat Crafts falls a bit short of the $1,000 per month mark.

Overall, I have about a dozen websites that are generating under $1,000 per month that I’d be interested in selling (might be less than that but I’d need to check my Adsense / Amazon / etc stats as I don’t check them daily or even weekly).

Overall – I want to remove “distractions” in my portfolio

I still like making a few hundred dollars a month or more from each of these websites that I own, but as I’ve stated before I’m at a spot in my business where I really need to focus on projects that can have a larger impact on my business and that’s why I’m looking to sell some of my smaller websites.

So my question to you is, are you interested in buying any of my websites? Update: just sign up for my blog email list below I will send out all the details there (too many emails)

Perhaps I’ll just list every website on Flippa and share the income results from my purge of distracting projects. I estimate that the proceeds from the sale of these websites, domains etc. would be into the five figures so rather than just let them sit it might be worth getting the cash now instead.