Time for another monthly wrap up post. This is where I take articles that you send in or that I’ve read around the web that were worth a read and share them with you. I usually post these in the order I read them in during the month, but I want to start out with a crazy story I just read and explain the ridiculous Digital Point Tattoo off to the right:
Digital Point Owners Indicted – Out on 100k bail
This is an absolutely crazy post from Nicky Cakes about how Shawn Hogan and Brian Dunning (owners of Digital Point – a crappy internet marketing forum) basically stole $20,000,000 from eBay’s affiliate program by cookie stuffing. During the time they ran their scam Shawn Hogan was the top eBay affiliate with $15.5 million in earnings and his cohort Brian Dunning was number the number two eBay affiliate with $5.3 million in earnings. (Red flags much?) In the end this will probably be another example of how doing evil has a way of catching back up to you.
I Listened To Google And Failed
This is a very interesting look at how creating great content, getting onto the front page of Digg and other social networks isn’t enough to gather natural links. Bottom line: If you want links – you have to build them yourself. (I like Guest Posting personally)
How To Display Your Feedburner Subscriber Count In Plain Text
This is something I plan to do with one of the new blogs I’m launching and wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about it. I think for some blog designs displaying your Feedburner subscriber count as plain text looks better than the usual widget.
How To Create A Facebook Landing Page For Your Blog
Pretty straight forward article and something I will do for my Facebook page as soon as I finish my eBook on how to make money with Amazon.com. Side note: I have 92 Facebook fans as of this posting and I want to hit triple digits before the end of the month… so join up!
The World Changes But Domain Names Stay The Same
This was the first blog post by the legendary domain investor Frank Schilling in more than 2 years and is well worth the read. Before that time I had been reading his blog regularly and so it was nice to see that he’s back to blogging (at least part time). For those that don’t know, Frank Schilling a domain portfolio one time estimated at $1 Billion. To make it even more impressive you should know he also didn’t start buying domains until this millennium either.
How To Prevent Feature Creep
This article is more focused on people building out web services, but it can truly apply to almost any web based business. Any time you are considering adding new features be sure to evaluate the time it takes to implement them and whether or not this will truly improve your product / service or not.
11% Conversion rate increase with a “Commitment Checkbox”
I’m a huge fan of testing and tracking various aspects of my websites so when I see interesting articles about improving conversions I’ll occasionally sprinkle them in here. This particular change was a simple check box on a mortgage company website and it lead to an 11% increase in conversions. Often times it’s the little things that count and this is just another great example.
$253,000 in the first month of the iPhone App Camera+
The iPhone App I’m having developed right now will never pull down the numbers this app did, but my initial goal is to make my money back and learn a thing or two along the way. In any case, this is an in depth look at a best selling iPhone app that is well worth checking out.
WordPress Security Articles: Phrama Hack and Five Security Tips You Probably Don’t Follow
Here are a couple good articles on WordPress security I read that are worth checking out. I also took the time to implement several of the suggestions on my top WordPress blogs too.
Should you Really Enter the Make Money Online Niche?
Daniel outlines the differences between his Daily Writing Tips blog and his Daily Blog Tips blog and shows how entering the make money online niche isn’t the best idea (particularly if you’re a beginner). This is something I touched on in an article I posted a few months ago.
Super Conversion Button
Free tool to make a call to action button. Very nifty resource.
100 ways to Increase Website Traffic
This is another one from Daniel Scocco and it’s a great list of 100 ways to increase your website traffic.

Coming Up:

Next I’ll be sharing another income report and sadly it looks like July could be one of my lowest income earning months of the year. I attribute this primarily due to the summer dip that usually starts at the end of June as school gets out and continues through until late August. (This also happened last year).

How to Make Money with Amazon.com eBook out on August 5th

Yesterday I spent 14 hours writing more material for the free eBook and adding in various images (those of you following me on Twitter already saw me share that fact). In the end I believe it will be an excellent resource for people looking to get started making money with Amazon.com. I’ll be releasing a paid training course in late August that greatly expands upon the principals I’ve shared in the eBook.

Remember, only Facebook fans and newsletter subscribers will get this eBook for free.