This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine. is a website focused primarily on Affiliate Programs and which ones are best on a category by category basis. Upon first entering the site you’re greeted by a top 10 list of the best performing programs and it’s no surprise to me that the usual suspects are present: Hosting, Credit Cards, Dating offers etc. but the site runs much deeper than that.

Comparing Affiliate Programs:

One of the best features that this site has to offer is the ability to compare affiliate programs. By checking out this link you’re able to look through a list of affiliate programs by category that best fit your website’s demographics. The categories range from Affiliate Networks, Books, Credit Cards, Dating, Shopping and Web Hosting to name a few.

For me this review request couldn’t come at a better time, because I’m currently working on improving the revenue on my video game fonts website. So one of the ways I plan to do that is by offering some shopping related product links alongside each game font.

So upon clicking the shopping affiliate programs box, I’m now at a list of various shopping affiliate programs which are ranked based on a variety of criteria such as: Base Commission Rate, Real Time Statistics Availability, Lifetime Commissions and most importantly an overall review score.

Affiliate Program Reviews

To continue my quest in search of the best shopping affiliate program I’ve decided to do further research on the eBay affiliate program by reading their review. This is what really separates Affiliate Tips from other websites I’ve seen that compare affiliate programs.

I think the best part of their review system is the way they break down the performance of an affiliate program based on various categories.

It’s much more extensive than just a numbered rating next to a category though. The meat of the review provides the most important details about what type of traffic is allowed. The key benefits of the program and the key challenges.

Then there is a written review that provides even more detail about the program. While in this review’s case the information is a little out dated and is thus far my only criticism. (Commission Junction is no longer working with eBay as they have launched their own affiliate network). The other reviews I read seemed up to date.

Affiliate Articles and News

The other great part about Affiliate Tips is that it’s not just a website that compares affiliate programs. They also offer various articles on affiliate marketing in general, starting a business, internet marketing etc. See more here. From the home page you can also scroll down from the left side of the page to see recent interviews and news like an interview with Shaun Collins at Affiliate Summit.

Closing Comments

Aside from the outdated eBay review and a minor coding issue I found on their articles page (hover over a category and you’ll see the ending code reads “/all-resources.html#FIXME-please”) I really like all of the features they have to offer. The only other thing I would suggest is a different tag-line for the upper right hand corner of the header image, “It’s not magic – it’s a fact” just doesn’t make much sense to me. Overall, I’m impressed with Affiliate Tips and I intend to use it as a research tool when I’m deciding which affiliate programs to use on my various websites.

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