Note: This is an unpaid review; however, I was given a free copy of EasyClickMate software to try out.

Clickbank is one of the largest marketplaces for selling digital goods online and it’s the marketplace I used to sell my first product – Niche Profit Course as well as two other products I’ve created with Clickbank. It’s relatively easy to set up a product for sale, but one of the biggest drawbacks Clickbank has is the inability to easily track and communicate with the affiliates that promote your product.

Why Is It Important To Communicate With Affiliates?

The answer to this question should be obvious, but in the time I spent looking at various products on Clickbank I found very few merchants actually use additional software to help track affiliate sales. This is somewhat of a shock to me because this is a huge opportunity to do more business with an affiliate in the future. For example, if I saw someone sold a product of mine to 20 people I would want to see where they were promoting my product and how I could help them sell more by doing an interview, webinar or anything else to help drive more sales and with EasyClickMate I can do that. On the flip side, if I were listing my product through Clickbank alone this would be impossible for me to contact them because it’s not possible to easily communicate with affiliates.

I first heard about EasyClickMate from Gideon Shalwick when I saw he was using the software to help communicate with his affiliates and since I knew he’s already done a few different products he’d probably know a thing or two about what the best software to use.

What Does EasyClickMate Do?

EasyClickMate is used in conjunction with Clickbank to better track sales by affiliates and provide you an easy way to communicate with them, but that’s just the primary function that I’m using it for. Here’s a list of my favorite features:

Easily Integrate with ANY autoresponder- easyClickMate will automatically capture your customers’ data and forward them to your optin/squeeze page. Works with Aweber, Getresponse, 1stShoppingCart or any other auto responder that accepts subscription via email.
I use Aweber to communicate with my affiliates via this affiliate sign up form and having an email list of affiliates is just as important as having an email list of potential customers.

Advance Affiliate Linking allows affiliates to drive traffic to any page and still receive credit
I have a sales page for my product, but I also have a page where people can download a free eBook which gives potential customers a better idea of what I teach in the product. So if an affiliate wanted to drive traffic to the free eBook download they could do that instead. You could also create unique personalized landing pages for specific affiliates if you wanted to as well.

Great Support
Now this isn’t on the official list of it’s feature set, but I sent several emails to the creator of the software Adrian Ling for help on a couple things and he was very quick to respond. Even after I realized the questions were answered in his support document he didn’t reply back and point out I was an idiot and that I should read the directions, he just helped answer my questions.

If You Want To Sell Anything On ClickBank Buy This Software

Overall I love this software and highly recommend you buy it if you plan to sell anything on ClickBank. As I’ve said before, communicating with affiliates is crucial and when you combine that functionality with the ability to sell multiple products from just one ClickBank account you can save a lot of money if you plan to create more ClickBank products in the future.

See more information about EasyClickmate Here