If you use GoDaddy as your domain registrar (I’m sure a large chunk of you do) than this post is going to show you a loophole/workaround for getting free private domain name registration to not only your new domain name purchases but also your existing domain names:

The Loophole Breakdown:

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account.
Step 2: Figure out which of your existing domains you want to add privacy on.
Step 3: Renew these domain names for as many years as you’d like. Keep in mind you will need to renew them for at least one more year during a later step to add the privacy. Be sure to apply a promo code before you renew these domains so you can save some money on the first renewal order.
Promo Codes: I used goxtgi200c and it brought the price down to about $6.85 for each domain renewal; however, if this code doesn’t work simply use OYH3. I’ve been using that promo code for years and it gives a great discount as well. Or check out this forum thread on NamePros that is updated with new codes constantly.
Step 4: Now, choose 5 brand new domain names to purchase (I know .com and .net will work) and add them to your cart.
Step 5: Now that you have 5 brand new domain names in your cart, go back and select the first existing domains that you renewed and that you want privacy added to. Now place these in your cart as well.
Step 6: In your checkout screen there will be a box that allows you to add free domain privacy to not only the 5 brand new domains you first put in your cart but also the rest of your existing domains that you added back into the cart during Step 5. (In my case I added 8 of my existing domain names)
Important Note: You will now receive free privacy on these existing domain names for the entire length of time they have left before their renewal date is up again!!!
Step 7: Before placing your order, apply your GoDaddy promo code once more and save even more money! (i.e. goxtgi200c, OYH3 etc.)
Step 8: Calculate your domain savings and smile.
Step 9: Stumble Upon this post to thank me for the money I just saved you on private registration expenses!

My Savings:

In my example, I added private registration to 4 of the brand new domains I was purchasing and 8 of my existing domains. For these 12 domains using the above loophole I was able to receive free private registration on these domains for an average of 3.5 years! (In step 3 I renewed my existing domains for two years and then in step 5 for one more year) This translates to a savings of $377.58! (Private registration is usually $8.99 per domain, per year)

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to GoDaddy and get your free private registration before they close this little loophole down!

The reason why I added free private registration to my domain names is because I almost lost it all when someone gained access to my GoDaddy account. Now if you’re looking for even more ways to protect yourself from would be thieves I’ve compiled a list of 9 ways to protect your online assets.

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