I’ve decided to go to the Blog World Expo this year from Oct 14th – Oct 16th. Last year I went to Elite Retreat and so far in 2010 I already went to SMX Advanced in Seattle although I didn’t attend any sessions.

Why am I going to the Blog World Expo?

I like to go to at least one conference a year both to network and learn how to improve my business. I specifically decided to go to Blog World over all the other available conferences because most of my business centers around my various networks of blogs, so naturally it makes the most sense. SMX Advanced was more targeted towards search / paid search marketing which isn’t really what I do and the Blog World Expo should be a much better fit for me. At SMX Advanced I just got a free pass and hung out in the halls (which was pretty fun actually) but this time I decided to buy a higher tier pass and I will attend a few of the sessions.

I went with the Weekend Pass because after looking at the comparison chart between the Full Access Pass and the Weekend Pass I decided that I could use the extra $300 for the various Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments I plan to play in while I’m down in Vegas ;).

Buy now before the price goes up after July 15th

If you’re already planning to attend but just haven’t got around to buying your pass I suggest you buy the pass now before the price goes up:

Will I see you at the Blog World Expo?

I want to meet up with as many readers as possible so if you are planning to attend please let me know so that we can meet up while at the conference. My goal is to meet at least 10 readers while at the conference so hopefully you can make it. Email me if you’re planning to go and I’ll make sure we can meet up.

Bonus Savings: When you register click through this link and enter EBIRD to save 20%
(Note: The promo code should auto populate, but if it doesn’t just copy/paste).

Register for Blog World Expo 2010 Here