I’m starting up a feature on my blog where I share the most useful articles I’ve read during the month. I used to do this long ago on a weekly basis but I believe that is overkill. These are the articles I read during the month of April that I think are worth the read:

Single Page vs Multi Page Checkout Process
ABtests.com is a great resource to help you improve conversion. This was a study I read this month which was pretty good.
5 Things You Must Know About Creating Your Own iPhone Apps
I’m working on hiring a developer through Odesk to create an iPhone app for me and this was a good read.
7 Things Seattle Taught Me About Business
I live in Seattle as well and the part about NQECP plans is something I may try out if the sale of one of my web properties goes through (I try to keep my taxable income low).
Cash Crate Review
This was an article I actually wrote and it’s part of a new website I’m launching which focuses more strictly on money making ideas. I’ll try anything and if it’s a scam I’ll say so on the blog.
How to create a Facebook Opt In Page
This is a great video showing how to create a Facebook opt in page. I haven’t updated my Facebook fanpage with it yet, which you should join by the way but I will update it with the opt in box shortly.
How to Monetize a Blog Like a Pimp!
This is an excellent interview with Jim Wang of Bargaineering.com and he’s interviewed by Nathaniel Broughton and Brandon Laughridge of GrowthPartner.com. I met Brandon back at Elite Retreat and got to have breakfast with them earlier this month to catch up on how business is going.
Link Building with Content: 29 queries for content-based link builders
This was an interesting read and I’m including it here almost as a reminder to go back and check it out again.
I watched the video from John Reese about outsourcing and thought it had a lot of good free information. Of course he’ll be selling a paid product later this month and will take down the free videos so even if you don’t pay for his program it’s still worth watching the videos for the free info.

In future blog posts some lists will be longer or shorter and I’m always looking to learn more so if you read something interesting (or wrote a great article) and want me to check it out feel free to contact me and I may list it here next month.

Upcoming: My April Income Report is due out later this week and I’ll be outlining how much I earned last month along with areas I’m focusing on to improve my earnings. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss out.