ebay partner networkMost long time readers already know about my successes with Amazon (example 1need to update this article, example 2). In total I’ve made a few hundred thousand dollars in profit thanks to Amazon, but I’ve always looked for more ways to diversify my earnings.

These days Amazon isn’t the biggest driver of my income but if you’re running a website focused on physical products there is one income source you have likely overlooked – eBay Partner Network.

Why eBay?

There are many physical product niches where it’s difficult or impossible to monetize with Amazon (or for that matter other affiliate programs).

Example Niches:

If you had a website about older collectible comic books, or classic video games or collectable coins or thousands of other niches where products are bought and sold online – but not always in new condition – eBay is a solid option because you’re unlikely to find any of these items on Amazon.

Sure there is Google Adsense but with quality traffic interested in the products you’re talking about that traffic will convert better if you’re involved in completing a sale (e.g. eBay clicks)

My First Payment From eBay Way Back In 2009

$93.77 For My First Payment

$93.77 For My First Payment

I’ve been using eBay Partner Network for over half a decade but it’s always been a more time consuming system to create links for – it’s worse than Amazon.

With eBay there is no method for navigating to an item and creating a link directly from eBay.com (like there is with Amazon – but even that is too slow).

In the past I was using a very old and outdated plugin that only worked half the time. It finally gave up on me and so I stopped using eBay Partner Network temporarily (my last check was in 2013).

How You Can Save Time And Profit From The eBay Partner Network

Flash forward to today and fortunately I’m now in a position to rectify the annoyances I’ve found with the eBay Partner Network.

Late last year I officially co-founded a separate business focused specifically on creating WordPress plugins in some of the areas that matter most to WordPress users (making money, getting traffic and generating leads).

The very first way we helped WordPress users make more money was with [bl id=”13858″]EasyAzon[/bl] – which helps Amazon affiliates save time and make more money from their affiliate links and now we’re doing it again with eBay.

Introducing EasyBay Pro

EasyBayPro Icon

This Wednesday June 25th at 10:00 AM PT we’re releasing EasyBay Pro and just as we like to do whenever we release a new software product we’re offering some special incentives only available to week one early adopters.

If you’d like to make money from eBay you can be notified as soon as this becomes available:

Watch How EasyBay Pro Can Help You Earn Money With eBay

Quite simply if you own or are building websites focused on physical products than EasyBay Pro is a natural fit for you. Likewise if you already own [bl id=”13858″]EasyAzon[/bl] then again this plugin is designed to complement your Amazon earnings and I highly recommend you pick it up.

Sign up to the early adopters list here:

Looking forward to seeing you in the customer area on Wednesday.

P.S. I’ll be sure to write some more posts about the challenges of growing a software business with team members spread around the world.