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I recently returned from the Amazing Selling Machine live event. It was the first live conference I’d gone to in well over a year and I had a blast. Most importantly it helped me formulate some plans for the product I’ve already imported from China and am currently selling on Amazon – more on that below. First I want to cover the events that occurred that lead me to this conference and selling physical products on Amazon in the first place. Let’s dig in.

So why was I at the Amazing Selling Machine event in the first place and what is it?

Brian's Email To Me

Brian’s Email To Me

In November 2013 I received an email via this blog from a guy named Brian Leyde asking for advice on how to get affiliates to promote his products on Amazon.

I basically told him not to bother and to focus his efforts on improving his Amazon listing instead.

In the same email (because I have no shame) I asked him how much revenue he was doing per month.

The number was staggering given his experience level ($40k per month at the time) and so I asked him where he learned how to sell on Amazon.

He told me he bought the Amazing Selling Machine course and learned how to sell products on Amazon from that. (Good enough for him = Good enough for me and that’s where I’ve been learning as well).

His story was inspiring so I had him onto my podcast to share it:

Listen to that podcast episode with Brian here (you can also see a video of him logging into his Amazon Seller Central account and proving his sales numbers for the doubters� – which were much higher than when he first emailed me etc)

Why I created a private Amazon mastermind with Brian

Ultimately Brian and I decided to form a private mastermind group for people that bought the Amazing Selling Machine course from us so that we could help steer them in the right direction. Obviously we get a commission from referring people to the course, but the primary goal of course is to help as many people succeed with this business model.

We created our separate private group on Facebook that’s still active and will continue to be active. During the 8 week ASM training course (which teaches you how to private label products for sale on Amazon [don’t know what that is – listen to the podcast]) we held weekly Q&A webinars to help get questions answered so our members could keep moving forward.

Normally people just buy the ASM course, partake in the official ASM forum and Facebook group which on their own offer a lot of value, but we wanted to create more of a hands on personal experience. I say we, but since at the time I was a beginner it was mainly Brian and Adam (his Amazon business partner who also joined us in the group).

We started the group as an exclusive bonus for buyers of ASM that used our referral link in late April but we’ve already had several folks posting screenshots from their product sales.

The best part is that everyone that came to the live event except for two people had their product picked out and were waiting on shipping from China or something else fairly far along in the process.

I fully expect we’ll have a large influx of sales summary screenshots from Amazon Seller Central in our private Facebook group soon.

I’ve grabbed a couple to share here, but for purposes of this blog post I’ve blacked out the pictures and last names of our students. I don’t mind sharing my successes and failures online but others might. I didn’t ask for anyone to share these they just posted them in our group because they were excited, I’ll ask for more people to share soon.

asm brunno sales2 asm mike sales
asm kulio first sale steve asm sales

When our mastermind reopens in October (you can get on the waiting list here) then I’ll find a few students that are doing well and get their permission to share their stories.

I’m even selling physical products on Amazon now too

My product went live less than a week ago and I have about a dozen sales right now (We all gotta start from zero right?).

Based on my calculations, the cap for the product I’ve selected will be about $5k – $7k a month in profit which I believe is achievable by December or January. Then I’ll expand into other products within that same niche. After that I’ll look at higher volume products with greater competition and use what I learned to dominate there next.

Obviously product selection is key which the course taught me, but for my first product I think this will do well when I execute on my goals.

Now that I’ve done it once I can now also teach my team members various elements so I can continue to focus on some higher level activities in the businesses I’m building.

I’ll film a video after the 30 day sales mark for the doubters (hey I get it) so look for that here in late August. I haven’t even begun to implement any real marketing efforts. My product started generating a handful of sales almost immediately.

So How Was The Actual Live Event?

Up until this point I haven’t even told you about the event yet, but overall the speakers were excellent.

I had probably a dozen actionable takeaways for setting my product apart from my competition, getting more reviews and of course driving more sales.

I didn’t know the speaker line up before hand but most of the speakers had high six figure to low seven figure Amazon businesses and as I’ve said before (and will say again) if you want to progress in your business it’s much easier when you’re learning from people that are already doing what you want to do (that’s why I’m proud of our group).

They also had Robert Kiyosaki at the event of Rich Dad Poor Dad book fame. I read the book back in high school but in his talk his attitude towards the severe lack of financial education in our school systems was spot on.

Dinner Event With Our Private Group Members

Adam, Brian and I had a dinner the first night of the event that we paid for (again as a part of our bonuses we offered) and it was a lot of fun to meet up with all of our group members in person.

We had 35 people at our dinner

We had 35 people at our dinner

Dinner is great but obviously the primary purpose of the group is to provide encouragement and support to keep pushing the business forward.

I personally met every single person that came to the live event that came from our group and a large contingent of our group sat in the same area so that we could go to lunches etc (again which Brian and I just ended up paying for).

Whenever I go to these live events it’s difficult to put into words all of what I’ve learned but it reminded me that I need to keep on going to them. Going to live events helps to form long term bonds with people and ultimately helps to push you along in your business.

The craziest revelation about this event:

I’ve never gone to an event where I felt I must know more about online marketing than the people I was meeting, and yet they were making more money than me (and in some cases, a lot more).

That statement makes me sound jealous or conceited, but I say it to illustrate the point that it’s crazy how fast some of these folks have scaled up their Amazon businesses.

Next Time We’re Doing Our Own One Day Live Event

Our Amazon private mastermind group will open again in October when Amazing Selling Machine reopens:

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There will be another live event in January (for the October release of ASM) and this time we’re going to pay for conference space and host our own one day live event covering more specific tactics and strategies for building a scalable Amazon business with just our private group members.

We’ll also be inviting a lot of the successful ASM students Brian knows to speak as well so you can learn from people already doing very well. (All of our past group members will get a free ticket to that event as well and of course if people can’t come we’ll have video of the event as well).

Why Amazing Selling Machine? Why not this course from this person instead?

I know there are other courses that teach how to sell products on Amazon, but Brian learned from this one and now I’ve learned from this one. It’s early and I’m already getting sales and can clearly see the long term potential.

There are other courses that teach you how to sell products that you have to go find in your local area to resell, but that’s not very scalable (not to mention that sounds like a nightmare). Sure you can make money, but I’m only interested in truly scalable businesses.

There are other courses that teach how to private label products and sell on Amazon, but again to my knowledge these largely came after the Amazing Selling Machine was released. Those courses also don’t get you access to our private mastermind group, webinars and everything else we do (what can I say, I’m bias to how I learned and confident of our group value).

Our Group Reopens In October For A Limited Time

Join the waiting list here

The only way to join our group is to pay for the ASM course. Overall I’m very pleased with the value of the course material in helping me get set up and selling on Amazon, but a lot of it has come from the connections I’ve made in our group.

Questions about the course or the event? Post them below?