I just had my first significant liquidity event by selling a website with help from the folks at Founders Investment Banking. The website I sold is Netbook Reviews and one of several authority style websites I own, (or in this case – used to own). I can’t share the exact details of the sale or the purchase price due to the various documents I signed but I will say that this sale reaffirms my belief that getting fired from my day job was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I’m very excited about the sale, but I’m even more excited by the opportunities I have moving forward now that I’ve had a chance to prove myself with this first big sale:

Here Is The Official Press Release

I’ll be writing a follow up blog post to describe how and why I used investment bankers to sell this website, but I would first like to publicly thank Shoemoney and specifically the reputation that surrounds his Elite Retreat event for even getting my foot in the door. I’d also like to thank some other great friends for the advice I received prior to entering any discussions as well as some advice during the sales process including Shane Pike and David Adams from Escalate Media. Last but not least I’d like to also thank Zane, Brad, Frank, Stephanie and the rest of the team at Founders Investment Banking.

Founders is behind a bunch of other big sales like the notable $14.9 Million sale of Bankaholic.com and if they needed another person to vouch for their awesomeness I’m happy to toss my opinion out there as well.

What’s Next?

This is the first of the two cool announcements I alluded to last week. Today’s announcement is more about me but the next announcement will be more for all of you, my readers. I am shooting for a December 1st launch date of the new project but the one thing I will say is that if you’re not earning at least $1,000 a month online this will be great for you and the best part of all is that it will be completely free ;). If you want in be sure to sign up for my newsletter list here.