Quick Blogging Tip #4: Read Less. Write More.

How many times do you find yourself saying, “If only there was more time in the day ________ “? This blank can be anything. If you’re like me putting in 40 hours a week and trying to manage an online business while at the same time juggling a personal life that’s full of other hobbies and interests than you definitely know what I’m talking about. Even if you aren’t as “busy” as I am I bet you still only have a limited amount of time to spend writing for your blog.

For me, I’ve found that often times I get caught up reading what others bloggers have to say and not enough time to spend writing about what I have to say on my blog. Now I’m obviously not trying to tell you to stop reading other blogs I’m just trying to say that it’s important to find a healthy balance. What’s the point on catching up with industry news and reading other bloggers in your niche if at the end of the day you’ve failed to do anything with that information? I recommend that you re evaluate how you spend your time online. For me I’ve simply set a specific time in the day where the only thing I do is blog. That’s what I’ve been doing and it has worked out wonderfully. You may also want to re-evaluate which blogs you keep in your RSS reader. Now when you come upon my RSS feed you’ll obviously make the smart decision and keep it :). Also, I’m sure there are other sites that you don’t need to visit on a daily basis in order to free up more time to spend on writing.

Don’t become a passive follower living vicariously through other bloggers success. Write your own success story and stop spending so much time reading about others.