Note: This review is not paid for. Just my honest opinion of the intext advertising solution provided by Vibrant Media.

This Part 2 in my case study on in text advertising. Be sure to read my review of InfoLinks in Part 1.

Like InfoLinks, Vibrant Media is also a provider of in text advertising and the subject of this review. I ran VibrantMedia text link ads on my test technology related website for one month. This is the same website that I ran InfoLinks on so that I could show an apples to apples data comparison between the two in text advertising solutions.

Income Results for 1 Month:

In 31 days I was able to earn $134.34 which translates to about $4.33 per day. This is nearly quadruple what I earned running ads on the exact same blog with InfoLinks.

Vibrant Media does not offer data for impressions so if you really wanted to calculate an eCPM the best way to do that would be to simply use your data from Google Analytics or another tracking software. I compared the traffic from the previous months to what I had in March and the difference was negligible which further solidifies Vibrant Media’s dominance over InfoLinks in terms of payout.

Vibrant Media Ad Targeting is Great:

Contrary to InfoLinks, Vibrant Media’s ad targeting is much better. This ad was displayed after hovering over the word Dell. I never found an ad without a picture or with a worthless description. I did find a few odd ads for a Verizon small business pack under words that I didn’t think were related, but that was about the only result I would consider poor.

Wrap Up:

Vibrant Media is the clear winner so far in my case study on in text advertising. I earned nearly 4 times as much running their ads over what I did from InfoLinks. Their ad targeting is better as well as the actual ads that they display. I’m sure the overall quality of their network is due to their size in the marketplace (I believe they’re the largest… someone correct me if I’m wrong).

I highly suggest that if you’re looking at using in text advertising on your blog or website that you give Vibrant Media a look. I suggest you test all networks to see what works best for you, but the fact that they performed nearly 4 times better than Info Links makes me think their dominance would continue across all niches.

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I’ve got data from Kontera to share later this month and I have one other network I’ve been testing out that I will include in this case study as well. If you like seeing more real life case studies from someone earning a living online than you should subscribe to my blog.

What do you think of this case study so far? Is this stuff valuable or would you prefer to read some list on ‘7 Steps to get more followers on Twitter’ where I could regurgitate info found from around the web?