Over the past couple years I’ve bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of websites outside the typical auction scenario. This method takes a lot of time to find websites worth buying (because you’re talking to people who often aren’t even interested in selling). So late last year I wanted to find ways to get more active in buying websites and specifically to try and make more sense out of Flippa.

Site Finder Pro Finished (5 Months In The Making)

So I spoke with the guys at Flippa and got permission to create a software tool designed to help make the research process on Flippa faster. This isn’t a due diligence replacement, but it does provide a bunch of data about a website without having to do more in depth digging. Here’s the sales / demo video which covers a little bit more about why I created this tool:

Site Finder Pro Is Now Available

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How I Recommend Using The Tool

Beyond just looking at active auctions, determining how the site makes money, where it gets links from and just saving time on research (which is the primary purpose of the tool). I’m also going to be viewing auctions that have ended, then researching that URL to see what other sites the person may own and contacting them about sites they haven’t put on auction yet. (There are a few other tactics I’ll be employing as well)

Overall there are a lot of ways to buy websites and this tool is just one solution towards helping you speed up the time in evaluating websites worth buying.

For those that buy, please feel free to share your suggestions for improvement. We’ve already done one major free upgrade to make it even better.

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