I’m hosting a free live webinar on March 6th – Tuesday at 5:30 PM PST with Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits.

We’re going to be talking about how to maximize earnings with niche websites and specifically will cover these three topics in great detail:

1. How niche website design can help (or hurt) your earnings
2. How to select the best ad layouts to maximize click through rates
3. How to properly use colors in ads and design to increase income

On this webinar we’ll also be finally releasing our new WordPress theme that helps to address these issues and solve many other problems that plague niche website creation. Altogether we’ve been working on this project for literally 6 months and have spent thousands of dollars on the theme development, the past several months testing internally and have had roughly a dozen beta testers helping to craft and refine the theme as well.

This will be an information packed webinar showcasing some actionable advice on how to improve your existing niche websites, as well as, an opportunity to get our new WordPress theme at the lowest price it will ever be offered for so don’t make sure you miss out.

Sign Up For The Free Webinar Here

P.S. If you want to beta test any of my future software projects, be sure to like my Facebook page as that’s where I post requests for beta testers.

P.S.S. The theme really is awesome. I’ve mentioned it’s existence in past blog posts and Spencer and I are excited to finally make it available on the webinar.