In July I announced that I’d be going to the Blog World Expo this year from Oct 14th – Oct 16th. This won’t be the first conference I attended as I went to the very exclusive Elite Retreat in 2009 and I also went to SMX Advanced for free in Seattle earlier this year (although I didn’t attend any sessions).

Are you going to the Blog World Expo? I want to meet you.

I’m posting another update because I want to meet as many readers as possible while I’m there. I’ll be in Vegas for the entire duration of the event from October 14th – October 16th and will actually be arriving a day early for a private meetup. If you want to meet up with me please follow me on Twitter and/or email me now so we can plan a time to meet up.

I’ve said it before, but the worst thing about this job is that working for yourself is very isolating so I’m really excited to meet a ton of people at the conference.

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Price Increases September 16th

You already missed out on the first price discount but if you’re planning on attending don’t miss out on the last one:

I just ordered the Weekend Pass as I don’t know how many sessions I plan to attend anyway.

So are you coming or not?

Sign up for Blog World Expo before the price increases September 16th

Let me know in the comments below and via Twitter / Email.