The last time I did a blog update was way back in June 2010 and after checking out my RSS number today I felt like now would be a good time to do another Blog Update after hitting the 5,000 RSS reader mark (Woot! Thanks again for the support!). I’m now halfway to my 2011 goal of 10,000 RSS readers, but instead of continuing to toot my own horn I’ll jump right into the things that have changed on my blog.

Facebook Fan Page Updated:

Although not technically a blog update, I did improve my Facebook fan page and am continuing to make changes to it. If you have a Facebook account (and odds are you do) I’d appreciate it if you liked my page. The page is for people that are interested in making money online, just getting started, already killing it or people that can’t resist pushing buttons with a thumb pointed up. I’m going to do more Facebook only stuff in the future so if you haven’t liked the page yet do it now so you won’t miss out.

Top Commentators Widget Added:

To reward people that participate in the discussions in the comments section below I’ve added a Top Commentators widget to the sidebar of this blog which displays the top 10 people who comment each month. It’s too early to tell if this has increased discussion but I love talking with fellow online business people so I hope you’ll keep commenting on the articles I share on this blog.

Newsletter Sign Up Options Added:

There are are several different ways to sign up for my email newsletter on this blog, but I recently added another one right after the end of a blog post on the idea that people who finished reading something they liked on my blog would be also very likely to then subscribe to my newsletter (unoriginal yes, but something I should have done long ago). Speaking of my newsletter, you can sign up for it here if you haven’t already.

Advertising Options Added:

I’ve purposely left banner ads off my blog since I started it a little over a year ago; however, I just recently added some advertising space on the blog as a test (a test that I’ll discuss in a follow up blog post you won’t want to miss).

New Podcast In the Works:

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do for this blog is a podcast and I’m happy to say that this is finally happening. I’ve always loved talking about online business and there’s so much you can learn from someone by actually listening to what they have to say instead of just reading a typical blog post so I am in the process of taking on new guests as we speak. If you have a unique story and run an online business please contact me and I might bring you onto the show.

Thanks Again For 5,000:

I’ve made a few changes to my blog since my last blog update, but the most substantial (and exciting) change is my plan to launch the podcast. Thanks again for reading my blog and I look forward to you listening to the podcast when it launches next month and learning how to start or improve your existing online business.