This is part 2 of a multi-part series on how to create a profitable info product. Be sure to read part 1 which outlines niche selection.

The products I’ve created have earned about $25k in profit in the past six months which is an average of over $4,000 per month. I’m currently working on creating more info products in a variety of markets and I’m sharing what I’ve learned from my past experience so that you too can make a profitable info product. Now that you’ve figured out which niche to create your product in let’s discuss how to actually create the product.

How To Actually Create The Product

If you’re struggling to come up with what content to create for your product then you might want to go back and read part 1. It’s much easier to create a product in an area where you have expert subject knowledge. If you can come up with some rough ideas on what you want to include in your content then what I’ve found works well for me is to start with an outline.

Create An Outline

It may remind you of a 4th grade writing assignment but I’ve found creating an outline was one of the easiest ways for me to get a rough idea of the content I wanted to create for my product and actually get started working. It’s difficult to look at an idea like a course to teach people how to make money with Amazon Associates and just start creating content. So this is the exact outline I created for Niche Profit Course and it’s very close to how the final product turned out:

Niche Profit Course First Outline:

Basic Knowledge
How To Find A Good Niche
How to Set Up An Income Generating Blog
How To Write Content For Your Blog
How To Make Money
How to Build Links And Get Traffic
Live Mini Site Case Studies
Live Authority Site Case Studies

After completing that outline I ended up including a few other videos on outsourcing site creation and how to buy domain names aftermarket because those were things I was doing more of and that I thought would help out others so I included them in a separate section of Niche Profit Course. Then by using this outline I was able to have each section of the product separate and clearly defined, so it became a lot less daunting to create the content as opposed to just trying to create a product based on the core purpose of the site – how to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

What Format Is Best For Your Customer? Video, Text, Audio, Combination?

With two of my info products I choose to display my information through a combination of video and text. I did this because in both cases I believed it would be easier for customers to learn from someone that literally walked them through the steps of a specific process I was trying to teach.

For example, with Niche Profit Course I showcase a few of my live income generating mini websites and authority websites. Rather than simply telling customers the URL’s I wanted to do a video walkthrough of each website and explain how much money they make, why they make the money that they make and some tips that people could apply to building their own niche sites.

Likewise, with Become A Pro Gamer, it would have been impossible for me to teach someone how to get better at Halo without me providing live examples of games I’ve played highlighting specific game play tactics. So in both products the choice of using a combination of video and text was obvious; however, the product you develop may not need to use video depending on the complexity of the information being shared.

Pick a format that is best for your customer not what is easiest for you to create.

I’ve already written a guide on how to set up a membership site so you can look at that to determine how to manage payment methods and protect the content in a members only area; however, there are some programs you may need to actually create your own content.

Recommended Content Creation Programs:

Video Creation: Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio allows you to record your voice and computer screen while you walk through a Powerpoint presentation or show off features of a website. Simply put it’s one of the best programs for recording and editing on screen video and audio.

Free Trial Option Available (Full price is $299)

Alternative: Jing Pro $14.95 Yearly – This program is made by the same company that does Camtasia Studio; however, there is one drawback in that it only allows you to record up to 5 minutes of video.

PDF Creation: Adobe Acrobat

I also generally include readable PDF’s in my info products in addition to the video because people learn in different ways and it’s an easy step to write a document in MS Word and convert it into an Acrobat PDF document.

Full price is $299 for Acrobat Standard

Alternative: CutePDF or Open Office PDF Export (Thanks Shaun and Jason)

Closing Thoughts:

If you’ve been able to get someone to pay for your product you don’t want them to ask for a refund because your product doesn’t live up to it’s marketing, so be absolutely certain to create quality content that lives up to your marketing message. Now as much as I’d love to say that creating the best content will guarantee your success and turn your product into a profitable venture – it’s not that easy. In the next part of this on going series I’m going to discuss the toughest part of creating a profitable info product – how to sell it.

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