I am leaving for Vegas Tuesday afternoon and as I’ve said before I want to meet as many readers and fellow bloggers as possible.

How We Can Meet At Blog World:

Follow me on Twitter and I’ll be communicating that way with everyone. I’m not sure how many training sessions I’ll attend because I think I’ll have more fun playing in some No Limit Hold ‘Em tournaments instead of listening to people give presentations (but I would love to be pleasantly surprised). In any case, I’m wrapping up several exciting projects before I leave on Tuesday and this is what I have on my plate right now:

1. I’ve finished my second Clickbank product in a market completely outside of internet marketing and submitted it for approval on Friday. I’d like to start offering it via Facebook Ads before I leave and hopefully get some profitable campaigns running. When I have numbers on this project I’ll share the niche and how well it’s doing for me on the blog.

2. I have a premium WordPress plugin that is about to be finished (hopefully in time for Blog World) that I’m working on with two other guys. This is one of three true joint venture projects I’m working on (the other two I haven’t shared on this blog yet). I’m handling product management, marketing, sales and affiliate management. I came up with the idea and pitched it to a friend to see if he wanted to work on it together and he agreed. I’ll share more details about that as soon as it’s complete.

3. Finally, I’m working on another top secret project that I will share more details here later in the month. Should be profitable and exciting to discuss on the blog for those of you that like real figures etc.

See you in Vegas, but for those of you not able to make it I will be sure to publish some blog posts while I’m there at the event.