The following post is a part of the weekly interview series with various full time internet entrepreneurs. If you’d like to be interviewed please contact me here.

Where are you from? How old are you? What’s your blog address and Twitter account? Any other personal details you’d like to share with us?

My name is Maren Kate, I�m from Las Vegas I�m 25 and I blog about starting a small business. My Twitter account is @marenkate.

How did you get started making money online? When did you realize the full potential of owning and operating an online business?

I got out of college & didn�t know what to do but I knew I didn�t want to work for anyone else, so I started exploring my options and realized that working online would give me the freedom & income I wanted.

What type of online business model do you currently run? (i.e. websites, blogs, membership sites, product creation, web services, affiliate marketing, etc.)

I have a start up which I am focused on 110% Virtual Zeta and I also run my blog, do consulting and take on high end social media campaigns that me and my team manage.

Do you have any employees or business partners? If so, how many do you have and what do they accomplish in your business?

I have 2 employees who are virtual assistants and a partner in my current start up. My virtual assistants are the life blood of the business since I myself am not technologically inclined, they pretty much do everything except write the content.

What online promotional methods do you currently use? Any favorites?

I try to write good, relevant content as much as possible � to me that is the best form of promotion that and networking as much as possible.

Do you perform any offline promotional efforts for your business?

Just talking to people about what I�m passionate about, that usually turns into talking about my businesses.

How do you adapt to the constantly changing online marketplace? Any advice?

Realize that the only constant is change & get really really good at being flexible and nimble.

What was your biggest business success and what did you learn from it?

Landing large social media clients & website contracts with no experience and then learning all I needed and more along the way. I learned that confidence is key.

What was your biggest business failure and what did you learn from it?

Sinking around $10,000 into business ideas and websites that failed when I first started because I didn�t do my due diligence.

What’s your favorite thing about running an online business?

Freedom of location.

What’s your least favorite thing about running an online business?

Spending a lot of time isolated

How many hours do you spend per week working? What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

Right now I spend a ridiculous amount working because I�m in the middle of a start up, when I�m not working I read and try to get some human interaction

How long do you vacation for each year? Any amazing places you’d recommend people to visit?

I don�t �vacation� I travel a lot but I always am working � I love what I do so I wouldn�t want to vacation without it.

What is a current project you’re working on that you can share with us?

My start up Virtual Zeta and is something I�m really passionate about. I created it because I have always used virtual workers in my business, from SEO to blog design to coding and project management, but I�ve always had a hell of a time finding really good ones. So I spent some time combing the market and seeing the pros and cons of the big boys and checking for any niches that were severely under served and I developed a business model around that. Virtual Zeta is designed to help entrepreneurs, bloggers and small businesses find virtual workers that will help them save time, money and help them gain mobility and freedom. It�s set up so only the best virtual workers can get in and has filters which no other site has done before, this way you don�t deal with the majority of crappy virtual workers but instead you only come in contact with the amazing ones. We offer a service where we place you with a virtual worker who we do all the leg work on (this is an option for someone who wants a virtual worker for a long term position) and we also offer a job board for someone who wants to post projects, get part time work and have access to our database themselves. To sign up as an employer or virtual worker for free just go to Virtual Zeta and it�ll direct you.

What is some parting advice that you can give to someone that’s just starting out online?

Try, try and try some more, that is the best advice anyone can take when starting a business because it won�t be easy but if you are persistent you�ll get there.

Ed Note: Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions Maren!