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Podcast episode number 18 is now live on iTunes. In this podcast episode I interview Chris Ducker an entrepreneur and expert on using virtual assistants in your business.

In my own professional and personal life, letting go and hiring on others to work on my business has given me more free time and helped me dramatically grow my business which is precisely why you’ve gotta hear what Chris has to say in this podcast episode.

Chris also recently released his book Virtual Freedom that I highly recommend you buy if you own a business and keep trying to do everything yourself.

Limited Time: Chris is also doing a huge give away on his blog here Expires Friday April 4th in the evening.

Items Discussed In This Episode:

Intro: ChrisDucker.com, VirtualStaffFinder.com and his new book Virtual Freedom

– Number one reason why I wanted to have Chris on the podcast (1 minute)
– The insane hours Chris used to work on his business (2 minute)
– What Chris did to free up time and become a virtual CEO who works only 4 days a week (3 – 5 minutes)
– Why Chris changed Virtual Staff Finder over to a general VA service (7 minutes)
– What a general VA is and how they can help you (9 minutes)
– How to get over super hero syndrome (11 minutes)
– How to create your three lists to freedom (13 minutes)
– Chris’s advice for my problem with way too many emails (17 minutes)
– How to use Last Pass to share password information with your general VA (21 minutes)
– What the primary objections people have to hiring VA’s (24 minutes)
– The average time spent laying out a blog post after it’s created (27 minutes)
– How to simply teach a VA tasks you’d like created (28 minutes)
– How much money it costs to hire a general VA (30 minutes)
– Why Chris doesn’t use time tracking software for his VA’s (32 minutes)
– The one strategy Chris likes to use to train VA’s (35 minutes)
– The myth of the super VA (38 minutes)
– Thanks in part to what Chris shared I’m actually hiring even more people to join my team as well – inquire here (closing part of show)

Want to get Chris’s Book – Virtual Freedom?

I mentioned in the very beginning of the podcast episode that hiring others to help me grow my business was the single most important thing I ever did and this action (along with how to execute it) is so important that I wanted Chris to come on and share his experiences.

If you’re tired of doing everything yourself and want to grow your business you’ve gotta check out Chris’ book:

Virtual Freedom book on Amazon.com

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