I’ve learned a lot about the online survey niche after building and growing my Survey Chris case study website.

The basic premise is that I’m building the site up to make over $1,000+ per month and sharing monthly reports of my progress here on this blog (month 1 income report, month 2 and month 3). I know this method of earning money isn’t for everyone, but for the niche I’m targeting with Survey Chris this should be a very helpful resource.

I’ve put a lot of that knowledge into a new Kindle book – How To Make Your First $1,000 With Online Surveys. It’s free today.

Since Survey Chris is my public case study, I will be sharing with you the tactics and marketing strategies used to promote this book. After the initial launch, I will share a recap on everything that has worked, and what hasn’t.

I am excited to get this book out and work on Kindle marketing more because I’m working to release a new Kindle book every single month (ambitious I know). I’m also working on building a solid repeatable system for Kindle book marketing which I’ll share with you as it grows and evolves.

Without any promotion the book is doing pretty well after one day of being live.

It is currently #1,013 for free kindle books overall.

#1 in the category of home-based businesses for free Kindle books.
#5�in the category of entrepreneurship�businesses for free Kindle books.

Free downloads are nice of course and I’ll share total numbers in my month 4 report, but long term the goal is to generate money from selling the book as well. This also serves as another platform to share the Survey Chris website though which was another reason for writing it.

If you want to grab the book, you can do so here:

Download my new Kindle book here

If you think the information is valuable please do write a review.

There are no affiliate links to survey companies in the book.

I just want to make it clear that the book was written to serve as a one stop resource for people interested in taking surveys online and since near 100% of all Kindle readers who find this book won’t know me I thought it’d be best to leave out any affiliate links.