Guest posting is an effective marketing strategy at both reaching new readers and getting high value links pointed back to your blog. I wrote a comprehensive article about guest posting a while ago but one of the things that I didn’t have a good answer for was:

How Can I Find Blogs To Guest Post On?

This is a common problem and can be very time consuming to find blogs worth guest posting on, so earlier this year we began work on a software based solution to this problem. In the past I would have suggested you use Google search and get to know your niche (aka getting to know fellow bloggers) which isn’t all that helpful and doesn’t really scale. So that’s why we created software that automates the searching process for you.

Introducing Guest Post Hunter

To find blogs that accept guest posts, all you have to do is enter a keyword(s) related to your niche and hit enter. The software then goes out and searches the web for blogs related to the keyword(s) that you entered in the software and then reports back the page that you can reach out to them with. i.e.

We also provide a link to their Facebook page and Twitter ID if applicable and allow you to direct navigate to the contact page from within the software application. You can also then contact the blogs from within the software as well.

Literally within a few minutes there are dozens and dozens of blogs that are related to your niche populated within the software ready for you to make connections with these bloggers to accept the guest post or optionally for your VA / editor to do for you.

This is yet another awesome software program that we’ve put together and why I’ve really been enjoying building these awesome software based solutions to problems that I have in my business that I know that all of you have as well.

Guest Post Hunter Discounted

To celebrate the release of Guest Post Hunter we’ll be selling it on the Warrior Forum, along with some more detailed bonus videos I’ve created showing examples of guest posts I’ve had written for websites in my network so you can see how I do it as well. Overall the software turned out really well and when we’re done selling the software on the Warrior Forum we’ll be moving it over to Clickbank at a higher price. As always when I release new software I like to let my blog readers and newsletter subscribers know first.

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(Comes out Friday July 27th at 11:00 AM EDT and the price goes up as more are sold)

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(Demo video will be available on the sales page once it goes live)

p.s. If you think there are other problems that need solving with software like this hit me up via the contact form. I am always open to suggestions.