I posted my last two months earnings for June and then for July, but in the back of my mind I’ve always been curious about the perception of publishing income report posts. On the one hand, it helps to build my reputation as more of an authority figure on this niche, but on the other hand it can also make me look like an ass (to put it bluntly).

Now granted, I’ve had so many failures while trying to earn money online I just felt the need to share how things are starting to turn a corner and give some hope to those of you that have struggled like I have, but for new coming readers to my blog they might just be thinking – ‘WTF, all this guy writes about is how much money he made last month – where’s the unsubscribe button’. Other people will say, ‘Yes, post your income figures I like to see how others are doing’ but I want you to vote and give your honest opinion of what you think of people that post income reports?

Edit: Hmmm, the poll doesn’t seem to be working – just share your comments below