I’m a firm believer that people learn best with examples. This is why I share a few live examples of my niche income generating websites inside my video training Niche Profit Course product. This belief that people learn best by example is also why I love writing and publishing blog posts like how I used Halo to start my online business and the tips I used to make over $40k with Amazon Associates last year just to name a few. Now because of my passion for teaching with real life examples I’ve decided to provide even more useful advice for you in the form of interviews to be published here on a weekly basis.

Interviews Starting Next Monday

I love reading, listening and watching interviews of successful internet entrepreneurs because it allows you to learn from someone who’s already had some success which is why I’ll be publishing interviews on this blog here. Starting on Monday I’ll be publishing interviews with various successful internet entrepreneurs so you can be inspired by what you’ve read here and start your week off strong. I should also mention that I’m not the first to do regular interviews on a blog (hat tip to Mixergy, Entrepreneurs-Journey and Jonathan Volk), but regardless of who started it first I know that these interviews will be useful for you to learn from and in the end that’s all that matters.

Would You Like To Be Interviewed?

I already have a backlog of completed interviews but if this is going to be a regular feature I know that I’ll need even more people interested in being interviewed. So if you’re a self employed internet entrepreneur in any capacity like a blogger, affiliate marketer, website owner, domainer, web designer, programmer, iPhone App creator, big time YouTube personality, product creator etc. I’d love to hear from you. To start things off I want to restrict it to only people that are earning a living on the web. If this sound like you please contact me here and I’ll send you over the questionnaire:

Contact me here to be interviewed

I’m very excited to start doing these and if the response is powerful I may even look into doing them via video / audio in the future instead of doing them text based (like they’ll be conduced for now).