After offering my three custom WordPress Themes for sale for over a year now I’ve decided to give them away for free as my early birthday gift to you. My last birthday I offered the themes for half price and so this year I’m giving them away for free (perhaps next year I’ll pay you to take them?). In any case, I hope you enjoy these unique WordPress themes. Simply enter your name and email to subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll be sent the themes along with this eBook in your first email.

You’ll receive the themes in your email after confirming your subscription to my newsletter. Please retweet this post and/or share it with friends. I think these themes are truly great and I hope they help you with starting a new blog or by offering new life on an old blog. You can demo them here: Red, Vibrant and Romantic

I’m going to be running several case study posts in the coming months on a wide variety of websites and projects I’ve started. I believe my findings and the journey I document will be some of the best posts on my blog yet so be sure to subscribe via RSS here.

Update: The WordPress plugin that allows me to demo these themes isn’t working. I paid close to a thousand dollars to get the first one created and more money for each subsequent version, so I assure you that they’re worth downloading.