Long time readers may remember the post I wrote back in January 2008 where I outlined my goals for the year. Looking back on that post I can only think to myself – too bad I didn’t know what I know now. The goals were almost laughable. So when 2009 rolled around I was the first to call out how unbelievably unsuccessful 2008 was from a goal achievement perspective. I gathered my thoughts and wrote out a 2 year goal towards self employment with an end goal income target for the year of $32,000 (the starting salary at the job I used to have)

Goal Success:

Well, of any goal I’ve ever set out to accomplish this one means the most. Based on my earnings for the past several months I’ve decided that it’s safe to call this goal a success 1 year and 5 months ahead of my original schedule! I am making enough now to officially quit my job errrr, oh yah I was fired so I didn’t have to quit after all. In any case, Boo yah!

Game Plan:

I’ve decided that I will take $3,500 a month as income from my websites during 2010 to pay our fixed bills and it should leave some left over for other random expenses that crop up. My wife is still finishing out her masters program and unpaid internships until December 2010, so I only need to make $42,000 during the entire year to cover our bills. The rest of the money earned will be kept in the business to buy more domains, websites, coding help, etc. So as long as I can continue to earn more than $3,500 a month we should be fine.

Why I didn’t share this news earlier:

I’ve held off on writing this post for over two months now because after I got let go fired from my job October 13th I had begun searching for a new job. I know employers look up potential candidates by searching them online so I marked a few of the posts on my blog private that illustrated how much I hate working for someone else and plan to quit in late 2010 hah hah. But after half looking for a few weeks I decided that the timing of getting fired was for a reason. This was the gentle shove (well maybe a kick) that showed me it’s time to do my own thing and I couldn’t be more happy about why lies ahead than I am right now.

Why was I fired?

To this day I still have no idea why I was fired. I had already helped to achieve my full year sales target 3 months ahead of schedule and I also had numerous awards. I am near certain that it was because my outbound rep that I partner with on deals wanted me to work more than the regular 40 hours a week my salary requires. But the pay wasn’t really all that great in the first place and I was much more focused on building my online empire than putting in extra hours to earn just a little bit more commission.

Looking forward to 2010

I am looking forward to 2010 and a full year of self employment and an opportunity to do even better. In fact, I will be moving this blog to a new domain in the next week or two. You shouldn’t have to subscribe to the new feed, but the reason for the change is that I wanted to pick something that was more focused on what I do online and not just my personal name. (More details on this new URL soon)

I have several exciting posts, case studies and more to share in the coming weeks and months so be sure to stick around. It’s very good stuff.

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