I had lunch with a blog reader today and after having a conversation with him I decided to create this video to tell you my secret to making money online. Here it is:

Secret To Making Money Online

This simple secret is what’s lead to all of these other recent successes:

Selling a website in a deal worth $100,000+
Earning over $90,000+ with Amazon’s affiliate program
Getting fired from my day job and then earning over $150,000+ the next year

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Edit: Thought I’d let you all know what I did yesterday that focused on making money

Created more content for Marketing Oracles
Contacted 5 website owners and put in offers / requested more info to buy their websites
Contacted 3 domain owners and put in offers on domains that I’d like to build websites on
Created content for a website I want ready by the holidays
Hired a developer to create a custom premium WordPress plugin I plan to sell in May