Cover Websites OKIt is currently only $0.99 via Buck Books (I have a podcast session coming up with the creator of Buck Books you’ll have to check that out). I’ll be raising the price in the future.

In this book, I cover 5 different ways that you can make money over $1,000 per month with various websites.

Although I have been personally making money with these kinds of websites, I wanted to interview experts in each type to bring you the best information.

You’ll learn directly from:

  • Spencer Haws on niche websites
  • Peter Armstrong on authority websites
  • Dan Andrews on E-Commerce websites
  • Stu McLaren on membership websites
  • Myself�on review websites

Along with the highlights of the interviews, I’ve included links to�the audio from the interviews as well, along with the resources talked about for each type of website.

You can grab it for only 99 cents right now via Buck Books.

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P.S. I’ve been releasing more Kindle books lately because I want to brain dump the last 5 years of stuff I’ve learned from building my businesses full time.