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Podcast episode number 24 is now live on iTunes

In this episode, I sit down with Justin Gilchrist, who is an expert when it comes to buying and selling websites, along with owning Flipfilter.com, exitplan.co, and Centurica.com, all of which focus around the topic of buying and selling websites.

If you’re interested in buying and selling sites, I definitely recommend taking a look at Justin’s sites.

Items Discussed In This Episode:

– How Justin got started with business by starting an offline business and then how it all crashed (4 minute)
– How doing the unsexy stuff is what keeps a business alive (7 minute)
– How Justin moved from his business, to freelancing and then to buying and selling websites (10 minute)
– How Justin got into SaaS after all of his other business experiences (15 minute)
– What sites Justin is buying now, and what he’s looking for in the future (18 minute)
– Where Justin and I got started with buying sites (21 minute)
– Where to find websites to buy at all price levels (23 minute)
– How website value has changed from 2006 to 2015 (25 minute)
– What Justin looks for when buying a website (26 minute)
– How to make sure you aren’t buying a bad website (29 minute)
– How many domains I own (I’m trying to lower it) (34 minute)
– Walking through the purchase process, and how to protect yourself (37 minute)
– How to determine what to pay for a website (38 minute)
– How to determine which site is right for you and your goals (44 minute)
– Offering equity when buying a site to pay less up front (47 minute)
– Why honestly blogging leads to more opportunities (51 minute)
– Why Justin took the time to write Exit Plan (52 minute)
– How Justin’s site buying consulting works (56 minute)

Links Mentioned

Rhodium Weekend
-�Monetization Lab

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