2 years ago I was fired from what I hope will be my last “normal job.” I first wrote about my fireversary last year while I was in Blog World. When I wrote last year’s update I mentioned that I was still trying to reach my goal of earning more than $150,000 in 2010 and at the time I hadn’t sold Netbook Reviews in a deal for six figures. Without that sale it would have been close but I did in fact sell the website and I was able to meet crush my target income goal for the year. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment that I could be successful with this full time.

Why I Started This Blog With My Extra Free Time After Getting Fired

I built an income that surpassed my $60k a year high stress sales job in the extra hours I put into my business every day when I got home from my regular day job. So I knew that when I got fired I could use some of my new found free time to start a blog sharing my experiences in the hope that people won’t repeat my mistakes trying methods for making money that just don’t work. Some people will try to sell you on the idea that you can make money easily and instantly on the internet – this is not the case. I tried for several years to make money online and it took a lot of failure before things really started to work because I didn’t really know anyone that I could get good advice from.

What I’ve Learned After Getting Fired

I’ve learned that self employment can suck at times, but the freedom and uncapped earning potential is worth the downside. Since last year’s fireversary update I’ve also met dozens more like minded people who build, manage and run websites full time that generally don’t talk about their business success online (I interviewed some of them for an upcoming project). Last year when I wrote this update I hardly knew anyone doing the same thing that I did, but this year I’ve found people that I can relate to and bounce ideas off each other (most of my friends give blank stares when I explain what I do for a living).

What The Future Holds For This Blog And My Business

I will continue to share advice based on my real life online business experiences rather than speaking in general terms about topics I know nothing about (I’m referring to 95% of the other blogs that discuss blogging, making money online etc). I’ve also been working on some much bigger projects behind the scenes that I’m eager to share with you as well. Some of them are related to this blog but another project is very focused on mainstream use. When I open it up I’d love for you to try it out and be among the first users of this new website. I know that I haven’t described what it will do yet but it’s completely unrelated to earning money online.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I’ve got a little less than 19 years to reach my (admittedly silly) goal of buying the Guthrie Castle.

Note: Yes I do realize how stupid some people think I look when I continue to publicly say that I want to buy a castle that costs millions of dollars when I haven’t even made my first million. I still have plenty of time…

Edit 1: I should mention that I wouldn’t actually live in the castle, I’m too cheap and practical to do that. I’d run it as an investment property like the current owners do now. I just want to buy it so that I can say I own a castle named after my ancestors hah hah!