To date, my most popular article on this blog has been:

Top 7 tips I used to make $41,438.42 in 2009 from Amazon Associates

I’ve had dozens of bloggers link to this article, very popular forum threads created about it and I still receive questions about my Amazon earnings daily. It’s also (my primary income source) and I believe people would like to learn more so this is your opportunity to do so.

Now ask me your questions

I want to know what questions you may have about how to make money from beyond what I’ve shared in the article above. This can be anything from just how to get started or what to do with an existing live website. I just want as many questions and as much feedback that you can possibly provide so please get involved in the comments on this post (I’m looking at you RSS subscribers…).

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I’ll take your questions along with the ideas I already have in mind and then I’ll write a free eBook on how to earn money with for both my new and existing newsletter subscribers. For those of you not on my newsletter, you can sign up here for free. I’ll also send the eBook to my Facebook fans as well if that option is more up your alley (join here).

Now don’t be bashful, I’ll see you in the comments

Update: I won’t be answering the questions directly in the comments below. I’ll just be compiling them for the eBook which I plan to give away in mid July.