I set some very specific goals at the beginning of 2012 and every day this year I’ve been focusing on meeting my numbers (feels like I’m back at the old sales job I got fired from lol).

My Donation Goal:

One of my goals was to donate at least $35,000 to church / charity. One charity that I’m a huge fan of is Charity Water and because today is World Water Day and I’d been planning to buy a well for a while now I thought today was the perfect day to buy my first well for $5,000.

(MyCharityWater campaign page)

What a $5,000 well provides:

Clean water to 250 people and more great stuff for the community it serves (see more details here)

World Water Day Statistics / Why You Should Donate:

Almost 1,000,000,000 people don’t have clean drinking water (Yah that’s 1 billion and I agree damn that’s a lot of people). So as I sit in my comfy office chair and write this blog post while drinking from a glass of water that I only had to walk 10 steps to fill it annoys me when we (especially as Americans) complain about so many things in life when we don’t realize how good we have it (I toss myself in there of course because in no way am I saying that I’m without blame). In fact it reminds me of this hilarious clip from Louis CK that should resonate with everyone:

I just think it’s important for us to remember that if you even have access to the internet and are reading this blog post, you’re better off then the almost 1,000,000,000 other people who don’t even have water. In any case, I don’t want you get the impression that I only wrote this blog post to toot my own horn and say oh look what I did. I wrote this blog post because I made a public goal about my income / donations and so I thought it best to update you, but what I’d really like is that as you finish reading this blog post and recognize (as I constantly try to remind myself) just how great you have it.

Now donate some money for water today. The reason why I’m a big fan of Charity Water is because 100% of your donation goes towards funding water projects (private donors cover the administration costs). So donate below and remember how awesome life is for you compared to nearly a billion other people who don’t even have clean water to drink.

Donate Here

P.S. I’ll get back to business with some more blog posts relating to online marketing soon.