I can’t believe it’s been a full half a year that I’ve been selling on Amazon because I feel like I’ve spent hardly any time on this business and yet it continues to do well. December was a holiday month so the only question is was I able to beat my last month sales?

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January 2015 Report:

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This step by step guide is the exact formula I’ve used to create my Amazon business[/yellowbox] I ended the month with total sales of $26,527.41:

January 2015 Amazon Income

To be completely transparent and for verification purposes I also like to film a quick video walk through of my numbers as well:

I had around 40 percent profit margins on that number (after inventory costs, FBA fees, Amazon ad spend etc). So $10k+ in profit roughly.

Amazon also messed up and lost some of my inventory and so that contributed another $2k profit on top of the $10k (but if they find the items they will give them back and I’ll have to give back the $2k).

Why no exact number? Inventory purchases month to month can skew numbers e.g. 30% down payment one month and 70% the next month.

Five figure profit month? Sure I’ll take it

Ongoing Monthly Amazon Charts:

Amazon 6 month Sales Update

My first sale came on July 28th. To keep it simple I removed July from the chart.

Common Question: How do I actually make money selling physical products on Amazon?

The short answer is that I created my own brand of products to sell on Amazon. I recorded a podcast which provides a great overview of the business model and how it works which you can listen to here. But I got started because podcast 17 guest Brian told me about this business model and how he learned how to do it. I went through the same course he learned from and then took action with the information.

Want To Learn How To Do This?

I run a mastermind group with a friend where we teach others how to build Amazon businesses (Brian from Podcast 17). In fact, on February 4th we just got done with our very first live event. I had a blast presenting and teaching folks how to build their Amazon businesses:

I'm getting ready to say something funny

I’m getting ready to say something funny

Our coaching group is currently closed but we’ll open the group again on April 22nd, 2015. This will be your last chance to join the group before the group closes down again for an unforeseen period of time.

Waiting list to work with us is here.

More $5k Club Members

We have several more entrants to the $5k per month club. These three are just the most recent ones I took screenshots of. They all came from our last mastermind group (which opened in late October). Names blacked out for obvious reasons.

Stephen 5k club

Clif Jan 28th 5k

Erick 5k club
*AzonLaunch is our private to coaching members only launching platform that helps a product get initial sales, reviews and can help kick start organic natural sales.

There were actually several more that surpassed $5k in sales that I spoke with, had lunch / dinner etc with in Vegas last week but they just haven’t posted stats yet. It’s so fun being a part of their success even if it’s a small part.

Analysis Of January Results

Double digit growth numbers again over December stats. Breaking the $25k mark puts me closer to my 2015 goal. January also marked my first five figure profit month.

January was a very busy month with the launch of EasyAzon v4 as well.

My objectives for January from last month were:

Objective 1: Create listing for new product

I didn’t do this, but I will in February. Moving forward I won’t be sharing the exact total number of products I have though.

Objective 2: Try something to market my product(s) besides relying on Amazon (round 2)

Hah, this has been on my list for over 90 days. I’m still just getting traffic from Amazon to drive my sales. February is a busy month for the other 3 businesses I’m involved in but I may get to this.

My Long Term 2015 Goal:

I’m confident that before the end of 2015 I’ll have at least one $100,000 month in sales. I’d like to hit the $100k mark before November though since the holidays is sort of cheating with people buying anything and everything.

For the first month of the year I’m already off to a good start at 25% of my goal. I will keep executing on my long term growth plans and have a ton of fun doing it too.

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If you have any questions, comments or feedback I’d love to hear them.
[yellowbox]BONUS: Click here to access your free video training on how to create a 6 figure plus Amazon FBA business in your spare time.
This step by step guide is the exact formula I’ve used to create my Amazon business[/yellowbox]